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This website is dedicated to the members and friends of the Star Trek Online fleets, the Banished Orion Girls and the Banished Andorian Girls.

Please, enjoy your stay.


Banished Matriarchs (Leaders)






Banished Beginnings


Banished Fleets Founded On:


Banished Orion Girls - 4/23/2012 (Stardate 89915.89)

Banished Andorian Girls - 6/24/2016 (Stardate 94086.72)


Banished History


Why/How Was Banished, Banished??


Throughout the five year existence of the first Banished fleet, the Banished Orion Girls, I've often been asked, in some fashion or another;

Why/How did you create Banished?


Several years ago, I saw a video on Youtube that changed my life. I watched as I witnessed the unveiling of an upcoming game called Star Trek Online! Being the biggest Trek fan I've ever met, I immediately went to their website to sign up for beta testing. I wasn't lucky enough to get it, but the site did display a release date. So, I waited.


On the exact date of release, I proudly wore and adorned one of my prize possessions: A full lieutenant Uhura outfit, with phaser and communicator in hand. I drove my wheeled shuttle to our local Gamestop and waited impatiently outside for the doors to be unlocked.


Finally, with my prize in hand, I warped back home as fast as I could, to begin installation and character creation.

After waiting and manicuring my nails with my teeth, I was finally in!!!


I didn't want to be a Federation character. I wanted the underdogs. BUT, back then, in order to become a Klingon or one of it's supporting races, you had to become a Fed first, then level that Fed to a certain level, in order to "unlock" the Klingon side. That's what I did.

I created a temporary Andorian, just long enough to reach the appropriate level. Once there, I was finally able to create what I'd dreamed of.


Enter the Orion, Yawne'wI'@NuqneH, stage left.


Having no more use for a mere Fed, I quickly and proudly deleted my original toon; with Yawne becoming my only character, which remained that way for years.


After a day or so, I received a blind invite for a fleet called, "The House Of Beautiful Orion Girls"... aka HoBoG.

I rejected it.

Two days later, same thing from the same fleet: Again, I rejected it.

One day later, same thing: I accepted.


During my short tenure as a HoBoG, I was lucky enough to meet several great and wonderful friends; some of who are still great friends to this day.

As the days and weeks passed, I worked through the few available missions, and through the fleet ranks.
The fleet leader, at the time, was LinaMia@Triangulum_Phoenix.
LinaMia however, wasn't the founder or creator of this fleet. Come to find out, she'd basically inherited it, after the founder had left.. The creator was an Orion named "Tice". What her @name was, I cannot remember.


Apparently, LinaMia was impressed with several things about Yawne Wi:
My strive to be knowledgeable.
My friendly attitude.
My knowledge of the Klingon language.
My commitment to Trek.
My boobs.


After a few months, I was given a promotion within the fleet. Several in fact.
I was now a fleet leader: LinaMia's equal.

This is where things go sour, and Lina's true identity is unveiled.


Lina's not-so-wonderful plan for the HoBoG fleet was:
To have every single member recreate and redress themselves, to look exactly identical as her!!


How many members supported and went along with this decision??
A definite and outstanding, ZERO.


To give examples of her adoration of herself, the fleet's ranks were named with such titles as:
The Super Models and The Fashion Police.




I chatted with LinaMia, doing my best to explain that this idea wouldn't work, ever.

People were becoming so frustrated, that we began to lose really great members; lots!!

After also chatting with dozens upon dozens of members, I began to feel bad. I was a fleet leader who was just standing by, seemingly only watching, but doing nothing to eradicate or correct our problem.


I stood by long enough.


After a few weeks of member ridicule from LinaMia, I couldn't take it any longer.


I wrote an apology mail to our entire fleet!!!!!

I explained that in NO WAY did I like, contribute to, or support LinaMia's actions, decisions, or plans for the fleet. I asked our members for forgiveness. I was sincerely sorry.

I was thanked by several members for my mail.


As I'd expected, shortly after LinaMia logged in and had time to read the mail I had written, I was kicked from the fleet.


Yawne'wI', was now Yawne'wI' the Banished.


Within minutes, literally dozens upon dozens of HoBoG members left LinaMia and quit the fleet to follow me.

Several of us merged to the Klingon homeworld and decided, it was time for us to create our own fleet.


Enter, the Banished Orion Girls.


Upon hearing of the creation of the Banished fleet, LinaMia (who was also quickly dubbed and named "The Pale One", due to her white, pasty complexion) was outraged.

She literally began to kick her own members who supported my decision.
If a HoBoG member was seen chatting or even standing next to me, they too were also kicked.


This battle continued for two years!!


LinaMia would actually make her devoted members leave her fleet, to join my fleet as "spies", and to report back to her.
Unfortunately for her, every single "spy" that she sent, stayed with me and never returned. To this day, those spies are still good Banished members and good friends.
She even created an Alt account with the @name "@monsterofblood" and asked to join my Banished fleet. She was a member for roughly 2 weeks. Several of us knew who she was, but played it out to see where it went.

Once, during a conversation with myself and a couple of others, I addressed @monsterofblood as LinaMia.
She instinctively and quickly replied, not realizing what she'd done.

Busted!!! A few minutes later, I performed the only fleet kick that I was 100 percent happy and satisfied with.
If I ever kick her again, hopefully it will be physical!!


After 4 or so years, LinaMia began being inactive, due to one simple fact:
Literally and understandably, nobody liked her.

After exactly one year of in-activeness, LinaMia was actually kicked from her own fleet. To my knowledge, She's been around only once or twice more. No one has heard from her since.




The Secret:

How does Banished continue to thrive after five years??

(1) Run the fleet how the majority of member's want it operated; NOT you!!
(2) Fairness and equality.
(3) Listen to any and all problems or complaints, regardless of how small or insignificant you may think it to be. It's important to someone else.
(4) Never ridicule other members.
(5) Have fun!! It's a freggin' game for crying out loud!!

A list of accumulated rules that has been built throughout the years, that has most certainly worked for Banished, can be found and viewed here:


The key is always fairness.
Treat your new 2 day old members, the exact same as you treat the 5 year members.

If you've made it through the entirety of this writing...



Yawne'wI' / Ann Tanna

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